FundX Investment Group

Advisor to the FundX Upgrader Funds

Established in 1969, FundX Investment Group (formerly DAL Investment Company) pioneered the use of noload mutual funds to professionally manage investment portfolios for clients. The firm designs client portfolios and has over $1 billion under management.

Our performance is rooted in a systematic investment discipline known as Upgrading. This strategy allows us to be invested in the best performing mutual funds available – whatever the current market conditions.

We offer three services which provide access to the benefits of the Upgrading strategy.

Investment Advisory Services FundX provides personalized portfolio management for private clients.

NoLoad FundX Published since 1976, our widely-read newsletter delivers the tools investors need to apply our Upgrading methodology to their own portfolios.

FundX Upgrader Funds - Available to all investors,  this series of open-end mutual funds is managed by FundX’s portfolio management team following the same Upgrading principles we use to manage our private client portfolios.

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